Hi guys, try this special lens blur effect editing video on Android. What is the lens blur effect? Now we have awesome example with required details and files, so now you can start creating this video once you check demo video. Now this is an amazing video creating by the alight motion app. To use alight motion no any vpn service required.

Also, try Capcut key frame 2 editingĀ 

Lens Blue Effect Video Editing In Android

Here is the process listed. First open alight motion app, select screen size, next upload video to apply lens blur effect.

HDR effect can you apply to video. To apply lens blur effect, click on pus, choose rectangle, fill compition area.

New trending video editing in alight motion || lens blur editing materials

Links provided for the latest dec 27 2022 editing,

All materials:- Download

Next click on add effect, search for copy background, search for lenar effect again.

To apply stylish blur you have to do blur adjustments, for that you must appl few adjustments quickly and correctly.

You can apply stylish adjustments to complete editing alight motion. Now you have to download preset file, now download the file from here.

Download preset file:- click here .

Change Graph fix.

Angle 45, 90 degree for each duplicate.

Copy effect from present, get a Duplicate,

Now apply 180 degree.

Various places you can apply.

Colour grading, get preset HDR. Copy an past.

Export and save. Simple editing, free tutorial, thank you. watch our guide if you stuck.

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