How To Create Smooth Slow Motion Video Editing In Capcut app

This is a short method to create smooth slow motion editing in capcut editing app in your mobile. To make free mobile slow effect to normal video using capcut slow motion effect and way to apply smooth quality effect. If you want to know such effects applying trick, this is the guide just follow and complete successfully, you can visit anytime to learn all editing tricks.

Slow Smooth Motion effect editing trick In capcut App

Capcut is a free android application, currently in the India region not supporting, so you can use through quick VPN app, you can get from here.

Onec installation process done, open app and select new project, after that select video to apply slow motion. single and best way is click on slow motion option here you can increase and decrease speed of your video very easily. Then you can apply smooth effect easily.

Apply random using split option. Split video duration then apply speed and slow motion after one. Like this you can create best slow smooth video editing in capcut.

If you are not comfortable with capcut you can use vn slow, speed video editing.

sMooth ANd Slow mOtion effects Download:_ Click here

Download capcut app.

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